The Reverie Network provides an in-depth look at the landscape of parasocial relationships and the control they can exert on everyday life. Parasocial relationships occur when a viewer forms a one-sided emotional connection with a personality through a screen-based device. While often harmless, these relationships can be used to manipulate human behavior. One such example of this phenomenon is the television network QVC. By using affirming language, storytelling, and constructs of consumerism, the network has created an effective formula for engaging its viewers in the act of shopping. The Reverie Network is a speculative lifestyle brand that utilizes pieces of this formula to further investigate, critique, and expose the role of design in creating these types of interactions. Through visual contrasts and conceptual fragmentation, this project offers an extreme viewpoint on the power that these personalities hold over the human experience. This gallery installation provides the framework and lead character for this new lifestyle brand. 
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